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Episode 22: Workout with Mom (and MORE!) with Women’s Fitness Specialist, Alayna Curry

April 1, 2024

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Meet Melyssa

This episode of the Healthy Living Doesn’t Have to SUCK podcast, Melyssa interviews special guest Alayna Curry, a mom and fitness instructor, who shares her journey through fitness and motherhood, highlighting strategies for incorporating exercise into a busy lifestyle. Topics include overcoming toxic fitness messaging, advocating for personal wellness needs, setting realistic fitness goals, and finding joy in physical activity. Alayna introduces her Workout with Mom program, designed to help busy moms find effective, enjoyable ways to exercise. They discuss the significance of modeling healthy behavior for children and the importance of fitness for long-term well-being, rather than short-term appearance goals.

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Alayna Curry is a fitness instructor, public relations pro, wife and mom based in Central Florida. For nearly 15 years, she has taught group fitness classes — both in person at local gyms and virtually through her Workout with Mom program. Alayna is a certified group fitness instructor, women’s fitness specialist and licensed Zumba instructor. When she’s not working out, she’s working her full time job doing PR for the space industry and juggling life as a mom of two young boys.


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00:00 Welcome to Healthy Living Doesn’t Have to Suck Podcast
00:42 Announcements: Membership Doors Stay Open & Virtual Fitness Studio Relaunch
03:09 Celebrating World Physical Activity Day with a Special Guest
03:32 Introducing Alayna Curry: A Fitness Journey from Struggle to Empowerment
10:14 Alayna’s Tips for Busy Moms: Making Fitness a Priority
17:19 Advocating for Yourself and Planning for Future Fitness Goals
23:31 Incorporating Family into Your Fitness Routine
25:44 The Importance of Modeling Healthy Behaviors
26:38 Introducing the Workout with Mom Program
26:50 Adapting to the Pandemic: A Shift to Virtual Fitness
29:30 Success Stories and the Impact of Consistency
31:49 Addressing Fitness Myths and Embracing Individual Needs
37:32 Taking the First Step Towards a Healthier Lifestyle
42:29 Healthy Living Doesn’t Have to Suck: Embracing Joy in Wellness
45:24 Connecting with the Community and Wrapping Up

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