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Episode 21: Non-Toxic Living for a Cleaner, Healthier Lifestyle with Brittany Snell

March 25, 2024

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I'm Melyssa with a WHY — lifestyle medicine coach! I'm here to help you forget the fads and create a healthy lifestyle that lasts!

Meet Melyssa

In this episode, Melyssa discusses the importance of non-toxic living with guest Brittany, a passionate advocate for health, wellness, and sustainable living. The episode delves into Brittany’s personal journey from being a bodybuilder and attorney to embracing non-toxic living due to her autoimmune diseases. They explore the parallels between lifestyle changes and sustainable practices, emphasizing small, manageable changes rather than perfection. Brittany shares practical tips for reducing toxin exposure in daily life and highlights the dangers of greenwashing. The discussion also covers the impact of non-toxic living on pets, the environment, and personal health.

00:00 Welcome to Healthy Living Doesn’t Have to Suck Podcast
00:35 Apologies for Technical Difficulties
01:21 Celebrating National Clean Week with a Focus on Non-Toxic Living
02:42 Introducing Brittany: From Law to Non-Toxic Living
03:34 Brittany’s Journey: Law, Fitness, and Non-Toxic Living
05:11 The Non-Toxic Living Path: Making Small, Sustainable Changes
07:24 Practical Tips for Transitioning to Non-Toxic Products
17:20 The Challenge of Greenwashing and Finding Authentic Non-Toxic Products
21:17 Leveraging Social Media for Non-Toxic Living Tips and Tricks
23:35 Healthy Living for the Future: It Doesn’t Have to Suck
24:38 Connect with Brittany and Wrap-Up


Brittany wears many hats and keeps her schedule packed with her passions. While she is an attorney, her passion lies with animals. She is the host of the podcast the Canine Culture Podcast and volunteers with rescues and shelters are local to Jacksonville, Florida. Brittany also serves her community in other volunteer capacities and sits as the President of the Chris V. Brown Foundation, which seeks to help underserved high school students.
Brittany is also very passionate about health and wellness. She previously competed in bodybuilding and has not transitioned to an “amateur runner” as a means to check-off some bucketlist items. As part of this running journey, she has greeted the opportunity to be outside more often with open arms and recognizes the cognitive and mental health benefits of the sport. As someone who battles autoimmune conditions, Brittany started a non-toxic journey during COVID. Being home more frequently and working from home was eye-opening with how many toxins we are surrounded by daily. Perfection is not the goal with moving toward a more non-toxic life; rather, the focus is on how we can balance the toxins we face voluntarily and to reduce that load on our systems.

Instagram: @brittenglandsnell and @canine_culture_podcast

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