I help busy, high achieving women drop the struggle and create a healthy lifestyle that last!

let's goooo!

Listen, if you're ready to try a new way of achieving sustainable changes with your lifestyle behaviors, then I am SO excited for you to get started!

With my approach, you learn how to ignore your inner bully and cultivate your inner coach! Through a focus on setting ourselves up with small changes first, you will build your confidence, develop a growth mindset for success, and become an unstoppable goal achiever!

i see you...

You're tired of being promised all of these amazing results from the latest fads and are ready for lifestyle change that lasts!

You are looking for a coach who can help you strengthen your inner cheerleader while learning to drown out your inner critic!

You are willing to invest your time and energy into showing up for yourself!

You are ready to do things differently and let go of a restrictive, intense approach to change!

You have certain lifestyle behaviors you'd like to change to support your health and well-being!

Is coaching right for me?

Our most exclusive and personalized coaching experience, where you meet with Melyssa one-on-one to create your wellness vision, identify long- and short-term goals, and get a private chat with Melyssa for between session support and accountability! 

individual sessions

Join Melyssa for 6- to 12-week closed group programs with featuring our PAVING the Path to Wellness Program and Healthy Living Doesn't Have to SUCK book clubs!

group coaching

Our Change Maker Jumpstart is our signature online coaching program that offers 3-months of support and accountability in reaching your lifestyle change goals with access to our coaching platform for goal setting and behavior tracking!

Self-Paced Programs

Options for Coaching:

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Learn more!

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In need of a little bit of support and accountability?
Check out our Change Maker Jumpstart program for
only $97!

This 3-month program guides you through kicking off your wellness journey with visioning, assessing, and identifying what changes you'd like to make and then creating your action plan for success!

enroll in our signature 3-month online coaching program!

Self-Paced Coaching



Grab your copy of Healthy Living Doesn't Have to SUCK and let's get to work! This group coaching experience will go through each chapter of the book, allow a chance to ask your coach questions about the content, and get started on setting goals that will create a sustainable, healthier lifestyle!

**HSA/FSA Funds can be used with a note from your provider

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Tuesday, July 30th
meets weekly at 12:00pm EST

Let's get started!

Get started with your personalized lifestyle change coaching journey today by taking advantage of our new client special of 3 one hour sessions for $300!

**HSA/FSA Funds can be used with a note from your provider

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Buy 2 sessions, get 1 free!

Individual Coaching

Cultivating a growth mindset that allows them to learn from any slip ups and take a compassionate, curious approach to failures instead of beating themselves up!

Adopting behaviors rooted in lifestyle medicine to support their health, happiness, and performance!

Building confidence with goal-setting skills so they can learn to coach themselves through the change process and troubleshoot through challenges they face!

Learning how to break-up with the scale - for good! Instead, we focus on behavior-based tracking and various measures of progress that do not focus on weight!

Results my clients see...

You have the power to make choices and take actions that support your health!

Learn how to overcome your thoughts and feelings that have held you back before

feel empowered

You can make sustainable changes to your lifestyle and choose to make it an enjoyable journey!

Learn to enjoy how you can become healthier without ditching everything you enjoy!

have fun!

Together, you will develop the skills and mindset you need to create lifestyle changes that last while overcoming setbacks!

Learn how to coach yourself through challenges while celebrating successes!

be unstoppable

Let's reach your goals, together!

Hey y'all! My name is Melyssa with a WHY, lifestyle medicine coach with over 15 years of experience with behavior modification. I wrote my book, Healthy Living Doesn’t Have to SUCK, to teach people how to develop health promoting habits in a sustainable, enjoyable way!
After years of my own personal experience with yo-yo dieting and fitness fads, I finally discovered the power of engaging in health and wellness coaching as a way to overcome all of the other typical, short-lived programs. As a lifelong science geek, the method to my madness incorporates a multidisciplinary, evidence-based approach stemming from lifestyle medicine, positive psychology, and acceptance and commitment coaching.

So if you're looking for a coach that is classy, sassy, and a bit badass-y... Then you're in the right place!

Double board-certified lifestyle medicine coach

group fitness junkie

Lover of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

I'm so happy you found me!

Hey there change maker,

Meet  Melyssa!