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Episode 19: Less Stress, More Calm – Unlocking Your Stress Superpower with Dr. Lauren Hodges

March 11, 2024

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In this episode, Dr. Lauren Hodges discusses the nuances of stress management and healthy living. Dr. Hodges shares insights from her journey in the human performance and learning sciences fields, detailing her experience in consulting with major companies and founding her company, Performance on Purpose. The discussion revolves around understanding stress personalities, the impact of stress on our lives, and how adopting a personalized approach to managing stress can lead to more effective, empowering, and healthy living. Dr. Hodges emphasizes the importance of recognizing and leveraging the unique ways individuals experience and deal with stress, suggesting strategies for expanding one’s capacity to manage stress rather than merely attempting to reduce stressors.

Dr. Lauren Hodges is a consultant, speaker, and author of Less Stress, More Calm: Discover Your Unique Stress Personality and Make It Your Superpower which releases in April of this year. She is the owner of Performance on Purpose, a global human performance coaching and training company and is a renowned expert in human performance and learning sciences. She has spent the last 17 years consulting with Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Accenture, and Estee Lauder Companies on their human sustainability and learning strategies. Lauren leverages her expertise and experience to equip individuals and their teams with the tools needed to move beyond burnout to thrive in life and at work. She lives in Satellite Beach, Florida with her husband and two boys.

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