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Episode 18: Celebrating My 5 Year Business Birthday AND International Women’s Day!

March 8, 2024

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I'm Melyssa with a WHY — lifestyle medicine coach! I'm here to help you forget the fads and create a healthy lifestyle that lasts!

Meet Melyssa

Join Melyssa in celebrating 5 years of her business!

Melyssa celebrates the fifth anniversary of her business, Melyssa with a WHY LLC, which coincides with International Women’s Day. She reflects on the significance of this alignment, emphasizing her commitment to empowering women and challenging toxic societal messaging about women’s bodies. Melyssa shares a personal journey from self-doubt in her potential as a business owner to embracing entrepreneurship, inspired by one of her faculty mentors during graduate school. She discusses how her business offered an alternative to the traditional corporate route, highlighting the freedom and opportunities that entrepreneurship has brought into her life and share some exciting things to come in 2024!

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