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Episode 14: Creating Your Bli$$ful Life with Erika Dox-Martinez

January 26, 2024

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I'm Melyssa with a WHY — lifestyle medicine coach! I'm here to help you forget the fads and create a healthy lifestyle that lasts!

Meet Melyssa

Did you know January is Financial Wellness Month?? For this special guest episode, Melyssa chats with Erika, founder of My Bli$$ful Vida, about financial education, ways to feel empowered about managing your money, and steps to start working on your money mindset! Erica shares her personal journey towards financial wellbeing, dispels common misconceptions, and offers tips on reframing money narratives, tracking expenses, creating a budget, and prioritizing savings. Erica emphasizes the need for intentional and mindful spending, and she walks us through her three-step Bli$$ful Spending plan, so you can get started with working on your relationship to money!

00:00 Welcome to the Podcast!
00:33 Guest Introduction: Erica’s Journey
03:21 Erica’s Financial Awakening
05:56 The Concept of Loud Budgeting
07:00 Erica’s Financial Transformation
08:59 Breaking Down Money Stories
13:37 Erica’s Personal Money Stories
19:18 Understanding Your Worthiness and Money Habits
19:42 Uncovering Your Money Trauma
20:14 Challenging Your Beliefs About Money
20:34 Addressing the Wage Gap and Financial Empowerment
21:36 Reframing Your Thoughts Around Money
21:53 Strategies for Responsible Credit Card Use
23:40 The Importance of Saving While in Debt
25:08 Shifting Your Spending Habits
25:47 Tracking Your Income and Expenses
29:38 Creating a Blissful Spending Plan
32:47 Final Thoughts and Next Steps

Erika Dox-Martinez is the founder of Bli$$ful Vida LLC, a financial wellness company that empowers ambitious, heart-centered Latinas, women and those in underserved communities to break free from financial challenges, transform their relationship with money, and achieve overall abundance without stress or judgment! With over 20 years of experience in financial services and a profound personal transformation, she realized her calling was to guide others and to share the knowledge and strategies that helped her overcome financial stress and overwhelm to achieving financial peace of mind. Bli$$ful Vida’s unique approach blends financial expertise and mindful practices to guide you on a journey to achieve overall abundance and your version of financial bliss aka financial freedom!

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