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Episode 3: The One About Buddy – Dealing with Life’s Reality Slap!

December 5, 2023

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I'm Melyssa with a WHY — lifestyle medicine coach! I'm here to help you forget the fads and create a healthy lifestyle that lasts!

Meet Melyssa

In this episode of Healthy Living Doesn’t Have to Suck, Melyssa shares her story about dealing with her dog Buddy’s health issues, the difficult emotions experienced, and coping with anticipatory grief.

  • Educate: Dealing with difficult emotions is hard (duh!), so be kind to yourself through reassurance, comfort, and grace.
  • Empower: Reflect on a time when you went through a challenge and what strengths you demonstrated to make it through that situation. Also, take a brief gratitude break with us and share 3 specific things you are grateful for!
  • Engage: 1) Give your pets lots of love today! 2) BE KIND TO YOUR VET STAFF! 3) Reach out for help when you need it – the crisis lifeline number is 988 – and find a healthcare professional you feel comfortable with to seek treatment and support.

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