Healthy Living

Episode 2: Mindset Over Motivation

December 5, 2023

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I'm Melyssa with a WHY — lifestyle medicine coach! I'm here to help you adopt sustainable behaviors that support your health and well-being.

Meet Melyssa

In this episode of Healthy Living Doesn’t Have to Suck, Melyssa shares the power of mindset over motivation when it comes to making lifestyle changes.

  • Educate: Learn the difference between fixed mindset and growth mindset and begin to identify our fixed mindset thoughts and practice shifting them to a growth mindset.
  • Empower: Reflect on what drives us to make changes in our lives, identify our fixed mindset thoughts, and create reminders to use a growth mindset during challenges and setbacks.
  • Engage: Journal out our fixed mindset thoughts and practice changing them into growth mindset thoughts!

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