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Episode 1: Welcome to the Healthy Living Doesn’t Have to SUCK Podcast!

December 4, 2023

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I'm Melyssa with a WHY — lifestyle medicine coach! I'm here to help you forget the fads and create a healthy lifestyle that lasts!

Meet Melyssa

Welcome to the very first episode of the Healthy Living Doesn’t Have to SUCK Podcast based on the book by Melyssa with a WHY! 

Episode 1. Welcome to Healthy Living Doesn’t Have to SUCK, The Podcast!

In this episode, we introduce your host – Melyssa Allen, what inspired her to write the book and create this podcast, and share what to expect from this brand new podcast!

  • Educate: Learn more about Melyssa and get a brief introduction to lifestyle medicine
  • Empower: Reflect on the importance of lifestyle changes to you, as well as your levels of motivation and confidence to make those changes
  • Engage: Join our Change Maker Community or send Melyssa an email to introduce yourself!

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Additional Information:

Intro/Outro music: You Got Me by Higher Self – license free music provided by Pure Energy GO!

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